saratoga springs, ut

Completed: Saturday, may 12th, 2018

Saratoga Springs, UT – #ChangeYourRange, in conjunction with some phenomenal partners, hosted a volunteer cleanup initiative to pick up and remove waste from a public land shooting location West of the Lake in the Saratoga Springs vicinity on May 12th, 2018. This event took place at Enoch Canyon near Saratoga Springs, Utah. Everyone met at this location, it was a very successful event.


“It’s pretty easy to understand the objective of #ChangeYourRange, either sportsman and shooters get out and change our culture of trashing public land shooting ranges or we lose them to closures. Public lands belong to all of us and we have a responsibility to respect them and keep them clean. Shooting on public land is something my family has enjoyed for generations. I want my boys to be able to do the same. Gunwerks started this mission because we can and because we should." says Gunwerks C.O.O and #ChangeYourRange founder, James Christiansen. “The last event in Wyoming resulted in six large flatbed loads of junk removed from a public land shooting range, supporting that same work in Enoch Canyon is a no-brainer. We will be there.”


Volunteers worked to clean up the public range then ate lunch provided by Sean's Smokehouse BBQ & Grill then had the opportunity to shoot with the Gunwerks crew. The first 50 people received a free t-shirt from Grunt Style, and all cleanup volunteers were entered to win door prizes from #CYR partners. This event was co-approved as a Dedicated Hunter event for the state of Utah.


We had a multitude of news coverage, and a great turnout at the #CYR Utah event and we look forward to seeing everyone in Bozeman, MT in late July 2018! Check back for more detailed event information.

historic rock art

Rock art is one of the most fragile cultural treasures in the United States. Located out in the open, ancient drawings are continually threatened by acid rain, fungus, and … people shooting paint cans for fun. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, rock art in Utah County is being riddled with bullet holes and slopped with paint by careless visitors who also leave behind torn-up cans and broken bottles.

This is why the Utah State Historic Preservation has teamed up with #Changeyourrange to host the Saratoga Springs event. Not only will the trigger trash be cleaned up, signs will be placed to educate public land shooters not to use the historic markings for practice. Come help us preserve these artifacts for generations to come while enhancing this ranges' shooting experience for all public land shooters.

Miss the Utah event?

You can still get involved and win free gear!

Go out to YOUR local range and get a picture picking up trigger trash. Post it to social media using the #changeyourrange ! You will be entered to win one of our weekly partner giveaways!

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